MyPleadings for Oregon

MyPleadings currently offers the following Oregon documents:

  1. Petition Packet
    1. Vital Statistics Form
    2. Summons
    3. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (or Legal Separation)
    4. Certificate re: Child Support
    5. Notice of Filing Confidential Information Form
    6. Petitioner's CIF
    7. Respondent's CIF
    8. CAS CIF
    9. CAS Waiver
  2. Temporary Motions
    1. Motion/Declaration/Order for TPOR
    2. Motion/Declaration/Order for Temporary Relief
    3. Temporary Order - Coming Soon
    4. Limited Judgment - Coming Soon
  3. Response
    1. Response to Petition
    2. Notice of Representation
    3. Acceptance of Service
  4. Default
    1. Notice of Intent to Take Default
    2. Motion/Declaration/Order for Default
  5. Discovery
    1. Uniform Support Declaration
    2. Request for Production
    3. Subpoena Duces Tecum
    4. Notice of Deposition
  6. Trial/Hearing Related
    1. Trial/Hearing Memorandum Template
    2. Trial/Hearing Subpoena
    3. Motion/Declaration/Order to Reset Trial or Hearing
    4. Motion/Declaration/Order for Remote Location Testimony (formerly Telephonic Testimony)
    5. Domestic Relations Trial Process Selection and Waiver for IDRT
  7. Judgment
    1. General Judgment of Dissolution (or Legal Separation)
    2. Parenting Plan
    3. Motion/Declaration/Order Allowing Entry of Judgment
    4. Marital Settlement Agreement
    5. Motion for Corrected Judgment
  8. Modification
    1. Motion/Declaration/Order re: Status Quo Order (Post-judgment)
    2. Motion/Declaration/Order to Show Cause re: Modification of Judgment
    3. Ancillary Modification Documents (Cert re: CS; Notice of CIF; CIF's)
    4. Supplemental Judgment
  9. Withdraw/Closing
    1. Motion/Declaration/Order to Withdraw
    2. Notice of Termination of Attorney/Client Relationship
    3. Notice of Substitution of Counsel
  10. Misc.
    1. Blank Pleading
    2. Bargain and Sale Deed
    3. Satisfaction of Judgment
    4. Motion/Declaration/Order to Waive/Defer/Alternate Parenting Class
    5. Certificate of Service
    6. Firm-specific Letterhead

We are constantly adding new documents. Have documents you would like to see added? Send them over and we'll add them!


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