The security of your data is our top priority.  Although no site can ever gurantee to be 'hack-proof', there are steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of unathorized access of your data.  Here are some of the security measures that we've implemented:

  • All data is transmitted securely via SSL certificate.  The 'https' in your browser window shows the connection is secure.
  • All data 'at rest' is encrypted using 256-bit encryption.
  • MyPleadings is hosted by a leading company in secure cloud-computing.  
  • We utilize both encrypted email service as well as secure document-share for transmission of sensitive information.
  • Each new location you login at must be 'authorized' by you before you can access your account from that location.

Additional measures not described herein have been implemented to help insure the security and integrity of MyPleadings.


A full article on data security is beyond the scope of this website, but here are a few simple steps everyone can take which will substantially reduce your risk of having your data compromised:


  • All locally stored information, as well as information stored in the cloud, can and should be encrypted.  We recommend Boxcryptor for cloud storage, although there are plenty of services available.
  • Send all sensitive information via encrypted email.  Require that your clients do the same.
  • Never accept discovery via a thumbdrive.
  • Download and install software updates when they are available.  Companies use these updates to fix security risks that get discovered over time.
  • Install and use current, industry standard antivirus and firewall software.  We recommend paid versions of software, although there are plenty of free options available (and free antivirus and firewall software is better than no antivirus and firewall software).
  • Be suspicious of email.  If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.  Never open an attachment or click on a link unless you are certain it is legitimate.