Support & FAQ

Updating Documents

We frequently add new documents to MyPleadings.  If you have a document you'd like us to add, we will add it if you provide us with a sample and agree that it can be made available to other users.  For example, if you have a particular motion you would like automated, send it over!  We will automate it and the make it available to you as well as all other subscribers.  This approach allows us to provide as many documents as possible to all users, and gives you access to forms that you may not have otherwise had access to when other users share their pleadings.


To request a new pleading, simply email a sample of the pleading to  Be sure to include any alternate provisions that you want included in the pleading.  If you send a real document from a real case, please redact client information.

There are two types of updates: 1) New or Amended Provisions and, 2) Corrections.  New or Amended Provisions include things like adding new provisions or updating existing language, but also include adding or updating the questions that you answer within MyPleadings.  To suggest an update, simply email a redlined version of the document showing the changes that you are suggesting.  We will review your proposed change and consider whether to incorporate the change into MyPleadings.  


Corrections will always be made.  Corrections may include things like typos, provisions not populating as expected or anything else that is incorrect.  Basically, if something is wrong we will fix it. 


The purpose of document automation is so that you don't have to make the same changes over and over!  Feel free to contact us at with any suggestions or corrections. No update is too small! We want to get your documents as close to perfect as possible, so don't be shy.