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MyPleadings provides document and pleading automation for family law professionals, including: 


  • Family Law Attorneys: MyPleadings was originally created to automate pleadings for family law attorneys, from solos to large firms. 
  • Court Systems: MyPleadings can create custom pleading automation systems for all aspects of a family law court system, including judges, court facilitators and court-connected mediators.
  • Non-Profits: MyPleadings is a cost-effective way for non-profit organizations to leverage technology to streamline their operations.
  • Mediators: MyPleadings make mediators more efficient by automating Mediated Settlement Agreements and Parenting Plans.
  • Child Specialists: Professionals who draft parenting plans will benefit from MyPleadings automating their parenting plans.  Child Specialists who only prepare Parenting Plans are eligible for Mediator pricing.


No!  All MyPleadings services are on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time.


There is no setup fee for law firms, mediators or child specialists.  There may be a setup fee for court systems and non-profits depending on your organization's requirements.  


Definitely!  You can sign up for a free 14-day MyPleadings trial by clicking 'Free Trial' in the upper right corner. was founded by Forrest Collins.  Forrest is a licensed (and practicing) family law attorney and mediator in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Forrest is assisted by his paralegal, Noah Zimmerman, who has been in the legal industry for over a decade.


No!  MyPleadings is an online document automation service and not a law firm.  MyPleadings produces an editable first draft of your documents.  It is the subscribers responsibility to review, update and approve the final draft of every document produced using MyPleadings.  


Yes! MyPleadings works on both PC's and Macs.  No 'conversion' or 'mirroring' software is required.


MyPleadings is $50/mo per attorney.  Judicial pricing is $25/mo-$50/mo depending on the needs of the the court.  Non-profit pricing is $25/mo per attorney.


Each license covers the attorney, any assistants, and all computers that attorney works on.


For example, a firm with 3 attorneys and 4 paralegals would cost $150/mo.  A firm with 1 attorney and 2 paralegals would cost $50/mo.


Yes, we can add a custom footer to your account!  The easiest way to do this is for you to send us a Word document that contains your preferred font, logo, image, etc.  Your firm information will appear by default if you have not added a custom footer.



Yes, you can add multiple offices to MyPleadings!  Be sure to let us know that you have multiple offices and we will get them added to your account at no additional charge.  Each location can have it's own custom footer.


Once multiple locations are added, you'll see an option to select which office to file from.  Each individual attorney can have their own default office location which will automatically be selected each time a new case is created.  You can always change the filing office just by selecting a different office from the Filing Office dropdown. 




What is Case Share?


Case Share allows you to send a copy of basic case information to another attorney or mediator who also uses MyPleadings.  Case Share only shares case setup information like names, addresses, DOB’s, employment info, etc.; it does not share document answers, child support inputs or anything else other than basic statistical information.


You can share a case by clicking here and entering someone’s email address in the popup window:



If you know your colleague uses MyPleadings but you receive an “email address not found” message, check with them to confirm the email address they use as their official MyPleadings address.


Case Share requires the Case Share permission.  Solos and firm owners have this permission by default.  Other members of the firm or organization must be granted this permission in order to share cases.  You can learn more about Permissions here.


How to I accept a shared case?


You will receive an email notification when a case has been shared with you.  When you login, you’ll see the case at the top of your case dashboard like this:



When you click the case name link, you’ll need to identify if you are an attorney on the case (or LLLT) or the mediator.  Next, check the party you represent (if applicable).


You can add the “sharing” attorney to the case as the opposing or Collaborative counsel by checking the “Add Contact” box and selecting their role in the case.  If this Contact already exists in your contacts, the contact will just be added to this case.  If you don't have the Contact in your My Contacts list, the Contact will also be added to My Contacts so you can add it to future cases.


Can I “unshare” a case after I’ve shared it?


You can only unshare a case if it has not been accepted by the other professional.  To unshare a case, go to Shared Cases, check Remove and click Save.  Note you will only see "Shared Cases" if you have shared a case.  If the case has already been accepted, you cannot unshare it.  In that case, 'Remove' will only clear the case from your Shared Cases dashboard.